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Head and neck cancer

A place for people affected by head and neck cancers, including oral, throat , larynx (voice box), salivary glands, middle ear, and sinus and nasopharyngeal cancer. Support one another, ask questions, and share experiences.


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My chemo stopped working am now starting immunotherapy Wednesday,  went for my bloods friday,

Now today left voicemail saying that they need me in b4 9,

For bloods again does anyone know why this could be??

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Hi KSM, im not sure what this would be but i guess if you are starting your immunotherapy they are maybe doing more test to be on the safe side as the chemo could have changed your blood count. They want it early so they can test it in time before you start the immunotherapy.  Hope all goes well with the immunotherapy, take care.


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Michael RSA
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I am due a neck dissection later this month (it’s my second one in two years) The oncologists did touch on immunotherapy during my appointment so please keep us updated as I personally could end up having that treatment.

All the best I wish you a speedy recovery 

Stay strong