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Head and neck cancer

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Hiya just had a thought .

If managed to get vomiting under control.  What kind of fruit smoothies are recommended 

Anybody got any suggestions 

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Hi Abrn, i cannot swallow smoothies but you can either make them yourself to your taste or i believe you can also buy a big selection from supermarkets, maybe add cream in them to boost the calories, hopefully, someone will come along with a few ideas, all the best.

                                                                                                 Chris .  

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Hi Abrn

Banana milk and peanut butter will give you most of the things you need.

Now here's a thought. I wonder if anybody else might pick up on this? maybe? One of the ways radiation kills tumour cells is by liberating lots of free radicals to do the job. If you are taking masses of antioxidants to keep you healthy during treatment might you be undoing some of that? Might it be that you should avoid red fruit and veg and "superfoods"? Just a thought?

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