Has anyone experienced a sort of cramp in the tongue?

I was on my way to my 3 monthly check up at the Macmillan Centre at UCLH today when, just as I got onto the tube, my tongue went into a sort of spasm.  I could not swallow or talk properly.  At first I thought I was having a stroke, but it passed within a 4 stops and the other passengers (one of whom worked at UCLH - Bless you and thank you so much if you ever read this) were very good to me and calmed me down until it had passed.

The professor at the hospital said that all of the side effects of radiation to the head and neck were not known, but that people often complained of cramp and spasm in their neck (although he had not heard of it affecting the tongue).

Has anyone had anything similar they could share to make me feel a bit more 'normal' :-)

  • Hi TTIGGY, wow that must have frightened you, i have never heard of this happening before let's hope someone else has had this (in a nice way )and can give you some advice and reassurance. Hope you are ok otherwise, best wishes and take care. 


  • Hi Chris,  

    Thanks mate, it was a little weird and scary to say the least, it came out of the blue months after the radiation.  I originally assumed I was having a stroke, but everything is just fine now, no repeat of it for the rest of today, so heaven knows what it was.  I just wondered, as you say, if anyone had similar.