Diagnosis treatment and support

I was diagnosed in June 2019 with cancer in lymph nodes and couldn't find the primary.  After various scans and biopsy it was found in my left tonsil. 

I was given a plan of treatment but still very scared of what was coming  the support I found on here stopped me from using Google .

I'm currently starting week 5 of my 6weeks treatment of radiotherapy and my Last chemotherapy is Tuesday. 

My side effects are bareable the only thing I'm really struggling with is the secretions .

I know that once the treatment finishes you still get the side effects coming.  But starting to feel like I'm getting there  with the support from here and people around me. 

It's a long haul but staying positive 

So if I can do it anyone can 

Just want to say thanks to everyone 

  • So glad you’re getting there 

    I was so upset and disheartened when I was diagnosed. I got tremendous support from my medical team but the psychological help mostly came from here. 

    My husband was absolutely marvellous taking over the house and looking after me but he didn’t know what I was going through in the way people do here  

    I also picked up recovery tips, tips for making life bearable and the success stories folk posted inspired me to understand that life was to be enjoyed again. 

    Life will smile on you again and you will fall in love with it again  

    Hang on

    Nearly there

  • Hi.

    Thanks that's my last chemotherapy done .

    Got 5 sessions after tomorrow of radiotherapy .

    I know the drill of the side effects. 

    But I can't thank people on here enough for the support when I was at lw points it definitely helps get you through. 

    Beginning to love life again and can see the light 

  • Been thinking of you

    Hope your nausea has been sorted 

  • Hiya. 

    Yeah sort of .

    I think once you kind of manage the secretions you can deal with the nausea.