Partial jaw removal!

hi all, me again lol 

can I ask has anyone ever refused to have the 

partial jaw removal? My dads doing well at the moment and we know as soon as we get that hospital date for surgery it’s going to knock him back. And he’s asking now if he has to have it done! Any help needed and greately appreciated xx

  • Why do you ask the question?

  • Hello Jojo , nobody has to have any operation or treatment if they don't want it done , if he does not have it done what will the outcome and would the delay cause more problems down the line . Please discuss this with your dads consultant a.s.a.p. so he/she can sort this problem out . I do know of people who have had surgery but refused radiotherapy after but never heard of the result of not having it done. Could I please ask the age of your dad as im sure they would not do this if they thought it would make matters worse but I don't know the full story and your dads history and I think you have the right to question or get more professional advice from his consultant .Good luck , take care . 

                                                                       Chris x