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A place for people affected by head and neck cancers, including oral, throat , larynx (voice box), salivary glands, middle ear, and sinus and nasopharyngeal cancer. Support one another, ask questions, and share experiences.

Supporting each other

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I have just had a nice little conversation with one of my head and neck nurses. It was a six month post RT phone consult. I mentioned how xylimelts and xyligel have helped me through the night and that it was a pity I couldn’t get them on prescription. She had never heard of either but was now going to look into it. 

I said that I had picked that and other tips up from fellow sufferers in this Community. She didn’t realise how supportive of each other we are. I know by the very nature of this forum we are self selecting and that some people just can’t talk about their cancer so it’s not for everybody. 

It’s helped me when nobody else could. 

Information here enabled me to know the questions to ask if my team. 

So a big hooray for all of us

Squamous Cell Carcinoma base of tongue diagnosed September 2018. T2N0M0. 67Gy radiotherapy over six weeks December/January 2018/19
The blog is my personal cancer journey, warts and all. 

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well said xxx