larynx cancer

hi all my name is john i am 43 yrs old and last week had my life turned upside down as i was told i have larynx cancer i have a meeting this thursday to discuss my treatment plan at the moment they are discussing on wether i will have a laser operation were they laser it out or 6 weeks 5 days a week of radiotheropy i am quite nervous about this as realy not sure would be the better treatment for me but i guess i will find out on thursday wich 1 i am having i would like to hear from sum1 who has had the laser treatment and the radiotheropy so i can try and get in to my head all will be ok with either option also please let me know how the treatment went and the side affect of the tratment thank you in advance to any 1 that helps me put my mind at rest ty all

  • Absolutely

    "Do you mind if we put a small tattoo here?"

    "No, go ahead"


    I'm going to talk to my Maxfac consultant to see if he'll cut it out for me

    cut it out for me

  • My husband calls it my Borstal Spot

  • Hi John and Margaret, thanks for the thoughts just got home from the hospital.  Epiglottis has had frozen sections done and is now clear woohoo.  But they did find another small lesion on my vocal chord which has also been removed.  Hopefully now free of it but have to have the checks.  Finding it hard to swallow this time and have to have my liquids thickened for a while or I am choking on them.  Also mushy food but hopefully once swelling goes down it will be a bit better.  Now lets heal and am here to support you on your ride.  

    Best wishes all Mo xx