Head and neck cancer

A place for people affected by head and neck cancers, including oral, throat , larynx (voice box), salivary glands, middle ear, and sinus and nasopharyngeal cancer. Support one another, ask questions, and share experiences.


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Put a note on but wrong one I think

Just looking to find out about anybody's experience really.

Got my pet scan on Tuesday and meeting with MTD on Thursday with my Surgeon. 

Had meeting on Monday and explained I had Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma and Adenoid. 

Finding the waiting quite bad but starting to accept it

Many thanks

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Hi Statmeister.    I found your first post, it's in the new to the community group, and I'm glad you've safely navigated your way over to us all in the Head & Neck group.  The site takes a while to get used to but I'm sure you'll find plenty of help and support here.

My cancer was different to yours, if you click on my avatar you can read all about me.  There are plenty of us here in the group who have successfully been through treatment for a variety of Head & Neck cancers.  Hopefully someone will come along later who had a similar diagnosis to you.

Best wishes for your treatment.  xx

"Life might not be the party we were expecting but while we are here we should dance."

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Hi Margaret 

Many thanks for your reply

Will go to your aviator, must admit I am no Bill Gates though

Many thanks again 

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Hi Statemeister, I'm also new to  the group. I haven't been able to find many people with Nasopharyngeal Cancer but I was recently diagnosed. I am also waiting for pet scan results this week. I'm sure I will need radiation and chemo but have not scheduled anything yet. At least we can share our experiences together. Mine is inoperable so not an option for me due to the location of tumor. I'm stage 2 as it has spread to my left lymth node.  Doctors are suggesting a g-tube or feeding tube for later stages of radiation plus port for the chemo. Also will need mask made for radiation. I will have to have radiation from bridge of my nose down to neck supposedly. Its all so scary and certainly new experience but hopefully sharing will help us. Thank you for listening.

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Hi Ladybug

Well let's hope we can message, try and laugh when possible and get through this. 

Must admit bit like yourself I dont really know properly what is going to happen, was meant to have pet scan tomorrow but now scheduled 08.30 Wednesday and meeting surgeon and mdt team Thursday 11.15

Well Ladybug was good to hear from you and will stay intouch, will post later on Thursday with update from meeting 

Take care