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tonsils v swallowing re upcoming radiation treatment

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My hubby is starting 30 rt plus 6 chemo tomorrow also fir tongue cancer plus 2 nodes so good to hear from you and what you used thank you and that it’s possible at least that he may not have too much skin break down, obviously everyone is different, we are just hoping he’s not too badly affected.

hope all well with the outcome of the treatment for your hubby. 


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He is on Compare. He will get extra strong RT and the course has been reduced to 5 weeks now (not sure if we still have 6 weeks chemo tho)

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Hi ricoshay

I looked up the compARE study. It’s here 


It’s great that there are so many set up

my oncologist reckons that too many of us get over cooked and that it’s about time quality of life after treatment was properly looked at 

i wish your husband well. Hang on in there. 

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Hi just had s look st the oncologist s on the compare trial you are deffo in good hands my oncologist Mehmet Sen is on the panel !!! I had total trust in him and his way of doing things 

Hazel xx

good luck keep in touch 


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I'm on the Immunotherapy arm of the ComPARE trial