Sister diagnosed with Hypopharyngeal cancer stage 4b

Well this week has been a whirl wind of emotions for my sister and family - we are devastated and scared. My sister starts 3 rounds of aggressive chemo next week , then after that RT.

My sister is 42 and has 3 children all girls ( 24,6 and 3). We are still taking in everything and still have many questions. lots of information to read. I've started to make a list of items I want to get my sister that will help the next 9/10 weeks. We've been told she will suffer sickness, vomiting, diarrhoea, numbness in toes and fingers and loss of her hair. We've been told what to watch for and given emergency numbers etc... so much to take in and it frightens me let alone how my beautiful sister is feeling.

We've cried together, held each other and will go through this together. I'm sure along this journey we will have many questions , looking for advice helpful hints etc. I'm encouraging my sister to join the community, but unfortunately the day she logged in she read something about someone passing and is now frightened. I know my sister and she will join at some point, she just need some time.

In the meantime you all have me...Can anyone recommend items we should get that will help her , make her comfortable over the next 9/10 weeks. Including items that are a must have ?

Thank you for reading, and reading all the stories and journeys on these pages give me peace that we are all here to help and listen when needed. Thank you from a scared older sister looking out for her baby sister xx

  • Anna if I read this and your other post right am I right in thinking that they're treating your sister as "incurable" as a precautionary measure rather than actually saying it's incurable?

  • Hi Anna, I,m new to this group and like yourself ,i have not come across many people with this cancer one other person when i was having  the same treatment as you which was over 2 years ago all what you've said i've gone through 

    Hypopharyngeal cancer T4 N1 M0 I have a peg fitted mines for life as i have no swallow at all to much scar tissue damage i was offered to have a major op voice box removed and end up with a tracki which i declined. 

    I'm checked every 3 months  and in remission my consultant  is very good straight talking which i do prefer i can ask him anything .

    I'm back at work leading my life in the best way i can i do have great family and friends as you've also said take one day at a time very true. 


  • HI GILL ,i was answering your message as i have the same as you sorry i am new to this. Slight smile

  • Hi Jane, it’s lovely to hear from someone who has had the same type of cancer. I’m coming up to a year out of treatment and still peg feed. I’ve got some swallow function but it’s not very strong so can only really manage liquids. I’ve also had about 6 dilations this year to help me manage the liquids. I’ve sent you a friend request and I’ll try and private message you if I can figure out how to do that. It’d be good to hear how you manage with tube feeding, energy and being at work. All the best