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Diagnosis Cancer

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The emergency appointment this morning for my husband gave us the news we were expecting.

Squamous cell carcinoma P16+ in lymph gland and cancer at the base of the tongue both on the left hand side. We were told P16+ offers a good prognosis with a 5 year life expectancy.  My husband is 69 so a good prognosis.  He has Barretts Oesophagus and had a stroke 13 years ago, but thinks he is lucky.  Positive thoughts

PET scan within 2 weeks.  Then MDT meeting to discuss the way forward.

Although expecting a 'cancer' diagnosis' we have feel numb.

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Hi lullabelle 

I was also diagnosed with base of tongue cancer, HPV16+ and my consultant went to great lengths to emphasise how well HPV driven cancer responds to treatment.

There are lots of us on this forum with similar diagnoses as your husband so there's a wealth of experience and you'll be well supported with any advice etc.

I wish you all the best.


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Hi lulabelle

It's still a shock isn't it even when you are expecting such a diagnosis.  I remember that numb feeling very well.  I was diagnosed 6 years ago with SCC in base of tongue and lymph glands and I'm doing fine now.  As Linda says there are plenty of us in the group who have had similar experiences and we're all here for you and your husband.

Best wishes xx

"Life might not be the party we were expecting but while we are here we should dance."

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Sorry to hear your news, I’m sure it is s shock even if expected, we have another week to wait to find out and expect to hear a confirmation of the diagnosis but I’m sure I will still be in shock. 

On  a positive note the hospital seems to be responding really quickly and getting things moving, I wish you well with the treatment etc in the weeks ahead. I think we may be on a similar path.

best wishes 


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Hi Lulabelle

My husband’s situation was similar - squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue (side rather than back) plus one lymph node. We never found out whether it was HPV related or not. The good news is that nearly 4 years on from end of treatment he is still cancer free and enjoying life, especially when not at work! It is horribly difficult to really take in at first, but this forum was a huge help for us, and although the treatment road can be hard it isn’t hopeless. We’ll be thinking about you.

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Hi Lulanbele I really do know how you are feeling my diagnosis was a year ago on the 26 th June for squamous ell carcinoma of right tonsil with spread to lymph nodes gotbghe h p v 16+ verdict a few weeks later. The h p v 16+ does go a long way to getting an excellent outcome 

I detailed my treatment and everything in a blog if you feel up to it it’s 

www.radioactiveraz.wordpress.com move down to the bottom as being a blog the recent post is first .

treatment is hard but doable if me a wimp of a 62 year old can do it anycan.

any questions just aak

Hazel x