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My partner is undergoing treatment for nasopharangeal cancer, stage 2. He has refused chemo after six months of intensive radiotherapy. The cancer is in it's second plateau and not responding. I am at my wits end as he will not listen to the doctors advice and is being unbelievably stubborn. Does he want to die?? 

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Hi looby65 , sorry to hear this , he is doing the worst bit having the radiotherapy , if he can go through this then he will find chemo will be easier in most cases . Having this will give them a better chance of stopping or controlling the cancer as many on this site can vouch for . Of course I cannot tell him what to do as the choice is his , I know what I would have done . Lets hope he listens to you and the Dr or he or can send me a private message if he wants help or advise . Good luck ,all the best .

                                                                                            Chris x 

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