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My husband had his lymph node biopsies on 31st May.  This morning we had a phone call the consultant wants to see him at 0900 tomorrow.  I am sure if it was good news we wouldn't be seen so quickly.

What do others think?  We are prepared for the worse, just want to know

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Hey I hear what your saying, but just one day at a time, always try to look on the upside, no point in worrying before you know. Good luck to you both xx

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Don't panic too much. In the hospital where my husband was treated they only have one clinic a week where the consultants meet the patients. So it could be that they wanted to squeeze you in this week's clinic rather than you have to wait another week - or maybe more, if the consultant has a holiday coming up. Good luck, and keep us posted how it goes.

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I had a similar call myself lulabelle, and it wasn't good news. That said it's possible that the news is good and they want you to stop worrying asap so it's a "wait and see" one really.

My thought process was, "ok so I've got cancer how are you going to cure me?" which worked for me and I wasn't overly shocked or upset but the news (unlike my wife and daughter who were with me). So for me preparing for the worst was the right approach, not saying it's right for everyone by any means though.

If it is "the worst" then we'll all be here for you (as will your team) as your journey evolves and you come out the other side. Not an easy road but it is navigable!

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Hi Lulabelle

I agree with Alichapp.  My hospital only has one morning when the consultants have appts with their patients so maybe there was a cancellation or a letter wouldn't have arrived in time?  Plus, the timescale for results is about average.

All the best for tomorrow.