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Ulcer in throat 2 years after all clear

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Hi all

Havent been on here for a while. We are 2 years on from all clear after treatment for stage T2 N1 hpv cancer in throat and tonsil. 

After a routine 3 monthly checkup consultant saw an ulcer in same place. So here we are having had a ct scan last week and biopsy happening on Monday. 

It’s  all so worrying. We have been told it could be a late side effect after radiotherapy or cancer. The turnaround has been very quick but the waiting and not knowing once again is horrendous. I have to say my husband is feeling well. The worst thing is having to tell my 3 girls what is happening. Dreading this as they too have only just started to recover mentally from the first time around. 

Has anyone else had a scare like this. Is it normal to have a side effect like an ulcer  2 years on after treatment?

thabk you all for your support


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Hello angie , I know the waiting is the worst bit of it sometimes as it causes a lot of worry and uneasiness , its good that this has been picked up by his consultant and he is taking the correct steps in getting it checked out , All I can say is that I have had lumps and bumps appear and still get the occasional ulcer which normally go away and the lumps and bumps turn out to be negative . I know the cancer has come back for me but not in the same place  its not very often it comes back in the same area. But as we all know these things can happen . You should hear within the next two weeks the results of the scan and biopsy ,maybe earlier with a bit of luck. Its a bonus that your husband is feeling well as that is a normally a positive sign . Lets keep our fingers crossed that it is something simple like his consultant has suggested . Wishing you ,your husband and your three daughters all the best in the outcome. Take care .

                                                                                       Chris x

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Thank you so much for your kind message. 

Yes everything crossed. 

Best wishes to you