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Break from chemo

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I have  head tumour, had chemo for 10 months.  Hospital now pleased with how it has shrunk and has given me a 3 month break from chemo however it has been a month so far and I feel so poorly.  Nothing specific but legs ache, I feel lethargic and continually nauseous.  Is this normal?  I thought when the chemo stopped I would begin to feel more me but its not happening.  I am so fed up with not feeling well.  How long does chemo stay in the body or is this just me or a side sympton?  any advice would be welcome

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Good evening hugonia, I don't really know as I don't know where on your head this tumour is , All the symptoms you are listing does sound like the side affects from chemotherapy , especially after 10 months of treatment ,it could be a shock or change to the system as for the last 10 months its had the chemo drug in it , I suppose its like any drug when we come of it after a long period the body sometimes reacts. If things don't improve please go back to your team for a check up , its great news that the tumour has shrunk which is a good sign. Hopefully you will start to feel better soon , best wishes, take care .

                                                                           Chris .

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