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WorriedSick throat cancer

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I have had a sore throat only mainly one side 

the right side feels like ulcers are down there 

I have had a few red spots like ulcers in my mouth that comes and goes I had one lot of penicillin which helped only slightly the weeks have gone by sometimes days worse than others sometimes feels like things are stuck down throat .iv seen docs umpteen times now been referred to ent 

i am waiting for the camera up nose and down iv had a ultrasound of the gland in neck which was enlarged the scan shows nothing abnormal ..

i was sent for mri but I suffer severe claustrophobia and anic

and couldn’t do it so waiting for a ct scaN im not sleep

when do wake in a mass panic I’m so worried had blood tests few weeks ago they were ok but led to believe they wouldn’t show anything any way 

Any help and advice would be appreciated I’m so scared 

is it true the ultrasound wouldn’t show if had any thing going on behind tonsil or throat ??


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Hi and welcome to the online community

It's normal to feel scared when you're having to go through various tests to discover what might be wrong.

Blood tests and ultrasounds are not used for the type of cancer I had so I don't have the experience to answer your questions. However, I noticed that your post had gone unanswered. By replying to you it will bump your post back to the top of the page where it might be seen by someone who can give you the answers you need.

I'm also going to tag my fellow Community Champions  and  into my reply as they look after this group and might be able to answer your questions or point you in the right direction for answers.

Wishing you all the best


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Apologies for the delayed response and thanks to for the flag but I'm abroad currently so not often been on a lot.

Your symptoms plainly need investigating fully; I'm claustrophobic myself but when I had my MRI done it had a "periscope" above me so what I was looking at was the control room all the time so no no sense of confined space. Scans showed nothing anyway, it was the endoscope that finally located my primary after a needle biopsy of my lump proved positive. Once the biopsy was back as positive it became a question of finding the primary site because you don't just get cancer in a lymph node, it starts somewhere and uses the lymphatic system to spread. 

As I understand it blood tests are meaningless as far as diagnosis is concerned, once I started treatment I had them weekly but they were all about the side effects rather giving any info on the cancer.

When I was sent for an ultrasound the doctor decided against doing a biopsy as he'd "seen thousands of these over the years and it was extremely unlikely to be anything nasty". My consultant obviously disagreed (wish I'd been in the room during that conversation) and called me back in to do one herself.

I got the short stick at every appointment, most don't so try not to be too afraid (easy to say). Even if the worst comes to the worst and you have to go through treatment it's doable as me and many others on here are here to vouch for.

Wish you all the best.

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