* aghhh my 3rd attempt at posting. Had my nasal septum removed through Squamous cell carcinoma Any help Please.


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Hia all, Thankyou for accepting me on here, I don’t know if I’m in the right place as I don’t really know how to get around these types of sites. But here goes In mid October I had a operation to take out my nasal septum through Squamous cell carcinoma Devastated as I might look big & tough but I’m the worlds biggest worrier. In late November I was back at my local hospital where my surgeon said that I had clear margins but needed to go back in 6 weeks hmm great. By accident but more really my worrying a cancer nurse told me that I had some Dysplasia in the top of my right nostril near where the cancer had been, & off course after going on Dr Google I have the proverbial black cloud over me to the point I’ve been sick & cannot sleep. Can anyone tell me more accurately what this means as I’ve taken it as bad & could do with some reality as I’ve read that much I don’t know wether I’m coming or going.
Im a 63 going on 64 male & im due back the first week of February which will be 6 weeks again, I have another question I have dropped the Propranolol a Beta Blocker as I found I could not sleep properly but I’ve now gone onto Citalopram a anti depressant I have been taking this for 10 days with horrible side effects not sleeping “again” have I done right making this move.
im sorry to be a whimp as I know there are people that are worse condition than me so please forgive me being the worrier.
Any help would be appreciated on the things I’ve mentioned as I realise my family & friends don’t know what to say to me “they wouldn’t would they” 
Thankyou for reading
Horace the wimp