*****Oral blisters***** UPDATE

Just thought I’d post an update because if it helps anyone else get through what I’ve just experienced with those pesky blisters then it’s worth the post! 

I posted a few days ago that I had these clear fluid filled blisters In my mouth (roof, gums, dangly thing) that just would not go away. They hurt and tingled like mad. Eating was just a no no!!

......so last night, out of sheer desperation, I decided to take an antihistamine, that I was give when I had a reaction to chemo drugs, to enable me to sleep better!

Not only did I sleep better, MY BLISTERS HAVE GONE THIS MORNING! I’m thrilled, over the moon! 

Not eaten yet but don’t want to temp fate! 

So just wanted to let you know, as no one on my med team suggested this and I’ve had them for weeks! Don’t want anyone else to suffer if they come up and it seems not everyone gets with them .

much love Jules x 

  • Wow Jules, that's amazing!  I have just trawled the internet and can find no obvious mention of this, so it may well be worth reporting it back officially, in the hope that the information can be spread to other patients via clinicians.

    Fingers crossed they stay gone, and even if they recur you now have a means of getting rid of them.

    Brilliant news!

    Josie x

  • ....literally there were about 60-70 blisters they’ve all gone and so has the stinging, I feel like I can cope now. It exasperated the dry mouth. Today is a good day. 

    I’ll be sure to pass this info on officially to my med team! 

  • I'm so pleased to hear that Jules.

    If I were you I think I would just take it a little easy with eating - maybe foods that aren't going to irritate too much although I can imagine you'll be feeling like tucking in to something exciting!

    All the best and long may it continue.


  • Hi Jules. So pleased that blisters gone - what a relief for you after such a trying time. I agree absolutely with Linda - be really careful what you eat now. I defo got blisters after treatment and they lasted 4 months. But they were very much related to what I ate. Scrambled eggs fine but added smoked salmon at Xmas - blisters. Potato fine, rice - blisters. Anything on toast fine -but corner of non-soggy toast - blisters. Hopefully this 1 step in the right direction will see a whole field change of recovery for you -1 step at a time you will get there. Be patient, don’t push yourself. Your body needs to recover.

    Very good luck with the next bit of getting your life back


  • Hi all 

    I did eat, had a soft cannaloni, can’t get much softer - unfortunately it wasn’t pleasant and flared the mouth up again, I will take another antihistamine tonight and see how I go tomorrow. 

    J x

  • Hope the antihistamine works Jules.

    Keep in touch - you may have stumbled across an interesting cure!