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Am I a pest?

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I am 11 months post surgery for removal of neck mass, lymph nodes and tonsil. 8 months post chemo and radio therapy.

I have since had scans for new lumps on my rib, larynx, and swelling on spine, all proved non cancerous.

I have now had a localised headache on the same side for 7 weeks, which is starting to bug me somewhat. I have asked the ENT nurse if this is something they see after treatment but she says not and I should see my GP.

I have, and he recommends a scan considering my history.

I just feel like a pest as I am working normally and getting on with everything. Is there anyone who has suffered the same headache so I feel re assured to cancel scan and hope it goes before my next appointment in 5 weeks . 

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No I never suffered from headaches (the odd migraine apart but that's been with me for ever) and no you're not a pest!

If your GP thinks you should have a scan then I'd certainly say go and have one.

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Metastatic SCC of right medial piriform fossa plus four malignant lymph nodes diagnosed 8th October 2013. Modified radical neck dissection November, thirty-five radiotherapy fractions with 2xCisplatin chemo Jan/Feb 2014.


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Absolutely not a pest. Better to get it checked and cleared. 

All the best and let us know how you get on. 

Sarah x

Sarah x