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Pain and stomach swelling after RIG tube - anyone else experienced this?

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Just thought I’d post an update on what actually stopped my husbands spasms/hiccups, (in case anyone else needs help in the future). He was prescribed with Chlorpromazine which worked after a couple of days. So he is now spasm free thankfully. Good luck to all.

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Good news Tricia, onwards and upwards!

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Metastatic SCC of right medial piriform fossa plus four malignant lymph nodes diagnosed 8th October 2013. Modified radical neck dissection November, thirty-five radiotherapy fractions with 2xCisplatin chemo Jan/Feb 2014.


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Thanks for sharing this Tricia , its good to know that there are drugs out there that can help. All the best to you and your husband, take care.

                                                                 Chris x

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