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Good news re lump!

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Hi again and thanks to everyone for supporting me during a worrying few days.  Having been told I needed an MRI scan 3 years after my treatment finished because a doctor at my check up thought he could feel something "lumpy" near my carotid artery (see earlier posts), I decided I could not bear to wait 4 weeks for a scan and 7 weeks for the result on the NHS.  In the end, after loads of (mostly fruitless) telephone calls to the hospital where I was treated, I managed to find a number for my original consultant, who also works out of a private hospital nearby.  He suggested a quick consultation (privately) and he would then decide if I needed a scan.  Anyway, that was Monday afternoon and he said he could see me at 12.00 today.  I went along to the appointment and he had a feel of my neck and took about 10 seconds to tell me that it was just a "slightly wiggly" artery and that there was nothing wrong and absolutely no need to worry.  He said that I do not need a scan and can go back to my usual 6 monthly check ups.  To say I was relieved is putting it mildly!  He said the doctor who saw me at my check up last week was very junior and was not even a head and neck specialist.  I had to pay £100.00 to get the private consultation today, but to me it was worth every penny for the sake of my sanity.

Thanks again to you all.

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Thats excellent news Diana if a little annoying on the money front !!

Hopefully the junior Dr will learn something from it. But experience comes with time and dealing with cases I guess.

Anyway so glad to here that worry has been lifted for you.



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Great news Diana,glad its has been sorted and given you peace of mind,i thunk it was money worth spent. A bit suprised about the Dr not even being a head and neck specialist,naughty giving you all that worry.All the best for the future . Chris

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Hello Diana.   Well that's wonderful news and I am really pleased for you ! How marvellous that you were able to see your original Consultant so quickly and be told that it's nothing to worry about .... so now you can relax and get on with things again.

Yes, as Jon said it's a shame that you had to pay privately but when I first saw my Consultant it cost much the same ( he also has two private clinics as well as his NHS work ) but in this case it was well worth it for your peace of mind.

Whilst I remember, some hospitals let you request whom you want to see at your follow-on appointments, so maybe worth a thought for your next one ? Have to admit that now as I'm coming up to my five-year mark I do tend to see the ' Main Man ' .... fingers crossed I get my final discharge papers on my next visit in summer !

Take care and keep in touch, Diana.

Joycee x

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Thanks for your replies and good wishes Jon, Chris and Joycee.

I might try to request who I want to see at my next check up, but so far it has seemed that I just see whoever is free.  If anything similar should happen in the future, however, I will certainly insist that the second opinion is given by someone more senior!  The consultant I saw privately yesterday said that, if he had been at the NHS hospital when I had my check up last week, he would have come in to give his opinion and none of this would have happened.  Unfortunately, he was not in the building last week!

My very best wishes to you, Joycee, on coming up to your 5 year mark and I am sure you will get your final discharge papers, which will feel wonderful, I expect!  Do let us know once you have had your final appointment.  At the moment, I can only imagine what that feels like, although, if all goes well, I should only have another 3 or 4 follow ups to go through.