Cancer of the vocal cords

My husband finished RT end of March, PET scan confirmed cancer has not spread anywhere else and after 2 appointments with consultant they have now confirmed the tumour has gone      ( for now) so we have just booked a holiday. We are due to take a 2 1/2 flight to catch a cruise for a week in October.  He has talked this through with his cancer nurse and feels confident on going ahead with the holiday. We will be taking all his medication along with 2 ensure daily with us can anybody let me know if all this goes through as hand luggage ? Any tips and advice from anybody else in similar situation would be helpful

thank you from worried wife

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    Good news on the PET scan and well done on booking the cruise. If it was myself, I would carry enough meds that I needed in hand luggage and the rest in the suitcase in the hold. However, I have not done a cruise so am not sure if there are specifics that I do not know.

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    It may be worth posting in the above forum that I have linked or you may want to contact the Macmillan helpline, this is the link

    Also by responding to your post it will place it back at the top so that it may be seen by more members of the head and neck group. Hope you get a definite answer and have a lovely holiday. Best regards.

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  • Hi I flew to spain  week  8 of recovery for 3 week I advised the airline what I would  have in my hand luggage the hummed and said  as the liquid was over 100 mil. I eventually packed sone ensures ti see me through a few days as Weight  wise taking 2 a day  42,wasn’t feasible. I did get meritene powders from the locally chemist you won’t have that option.  Fir the plane u decanted ensures inti 3/4 109 mil travel bottles. I also took my prescription as I was  taking oramorph which is a controlled drug the airline was ok with that. But if you think about 28 bottles weight wise us a lot. See if hubby can tolerate complan  power that’s easier to psck I snd am sure you’ll get milk on board ship to mix ut with. Don’t forget to declare cancer in travel insurance as well. 
    m well done on results. 
    Hazel os Octobers a month away he mat  surprise you and not need the ensures. 

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