"Bugger off!"

I hope I haven't caused offence with my header but those were the words my new consultant used when I saw hime last Wednesday

                 "Bugger off, I don't want to see you ever again. You are discharged!"

To paraphrase Monty Python my cancer "is no more", "has ceased to be", "bereft of life, it rests in peace", and "this is an ex-cancer"

To be fortunate to hear those words is indescribably ..............!

I wanted to share my news to give hope and light for others whilst being very aware of those who would give anything to be in my place.

My love thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone, and always will be.

         KTF Guy x

  • Brilliant Guy, brilliant. Thanks for that and well done.

  • Wow that's amazing news and the title grabbed my attention . 

    I'm 6 month cancer free so I class myself as a survivor but still find it all a bit surreal and mentally I'm playing catch up but I'm now on the right track getting the right support. But what I'm finding is really helping me is cycling, it's given me so much focus and helps me forget about all the shit that's happened and it's something that I've improved at since being ill. I'm cycling that much that I've signed up to do a 100 mile ride next month in aid of Yorkshire cancer research. I've raised just over £1k which has given me such a confidence boost knowing that everyone is supporting me and has my back. Hope this gives other people who are on the journey some inspiration and light at the end of the tunnel x 

  • Hi Invictus1955

    Apart from your title being brilliant your news is fantastical, so very happy for you, this is what we all want to read with more of us.

    Now for the next chapter! Well done

    Best wishes

    Sarah x

  • Wonderful news, and brilliantly put! You have put a smile on my face and hope in my heart. Enjoy the freedom! 


  • Rach2105, Fantastic that you can ride 100 miles after only six months! Well done and best of luck with the ride.

  • Hi,

    I laughed when I saw the title. I nicknamed my cancer Spartacus (don't ask why) and asked all my freinds the shout the morning of my op, "Hey Spartacus F off you are out of here". 

    I am nearly five months Cancer free. I am working so hard physically to get the traumatised muscles back in shape and this week started my routine of four classes , Pilates, yoga and aerobics at the gym. 

    I lost 33% of my tongue with a reconstruction from my arm and belly (insisted it was in my bikini line from my belly. The scars are healing well. I have regained my bicep and the upper trapezius (still working on the one that lifts my shoulder blade) and it is two months since I had to exercise with codeine. I am still on soft food but can manage scrambled eggs, salmon and it is great to get away from the puree, unless I bite my flap when I need puree for a couple of days.

    When I was diagnosed and first came on this site I was so depressed and thought the worse. So if that is anyone reading this be encouraged. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Be positive, work and getting your body in shape as endorphins are nature's natural healers.


    Janet since May 1st cancer free hoping the demon will never return
  • Great to read your fantastic news!