A shout out

Having massive problems getting on here, every time I try and log on i need an activation code! But got on successfully this morning and im reading some posts from u lovely brave people, and Dani, Hazel, Biker, Sophie, Linda, and soooooo many more of u that I can't bring to mind are just soo helpful and positive and inspirational! The fact u take the time to answer people and try and help people is just totally heart warming, we are all really lucky to have all u 'constants' on this group! 

So I just felt the need to give a big shout out to the above and all u kind kind people who take the time to help us all, it is truly appreciated!!! 


  • Hi 

    All if us were in the same dismal frightening place at the beginning

    I have special thanks to Chris Mike Hilary and Linda

    I have made a friend of Hazel a few months ahead of me 

    All of them  held my hand in the dark

    So you see its why some of us hang around. Its a way of saying thanks. 

    it’s so lovely to get a mention Smiley

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  • Oh bless thank you ,it’s case of been there done it got the t shirt only too  happy to help anyone.Plus made good friends on here so something good as come out of what at one moment seemed doom and gloom. Always happy to help or just listen sometimes our families must get fed up of us moaning know John turn s his hearing aid down lol,xx

    Hazel aka RadioactiveRaz 

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    T2N2NM equals tumour size 2-4 cm 2 affected lymph nodes  later changed to several after pet ct scan NM no distant metastatic .35 radiotherapy sessions and 2 out if 3 planned cisplatin chemotherapy sessions.   Now fast approaching the 2 years since end of treatment. Good luck to anyone starting out will always help if I can .Onwards and upwards to infinity and beyond.

  • Back at you!

    What is a Community Champion?

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  • Hi Warrior girl, I'm so pleased you found the head and neck cancer group so helpful, we are only too pleased to chip in and help people who are dealing with this sort of cancer, with head and neck there are so many areas that can be affected so sometimes it's hard to answer or advice all the time but we try our best between us. Many thanks for the kind positive comments, I certainly have made some lovely friends on here. Wishing you all the best, take care.

                                                                             Chris x


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  • Oh bless you, thankyou.  There's so little information out there and it's such a scary experience I just feel the need to help wherever I can.

    This is such a great group.  

    Linda x

  • Morning 

    What a lovely post to wake up to today.

    Ive made so many good friends on here. It’s an absolute life line to so many people.

    I feel like we are all in this awful journey together but we are stronger because we are together.

    Hats off to everyone who gives advice on here or is basically there to hold a virtual hand.


    Sharon xx

    Sharon xx

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