Reporting when you feel lousy?

When I was having my chemo/radiotherapy treatment I was told to call the hospital straight away if I got feverish/temperature/feeling generally unwell.

I'm now good 6 months post treatment, consultants say cancer free and feel really good apart from lymphoedema in neck and bottom lip (having massage treatment)

The past 24 hours I've felt pretty lousy hot/cold aching all over and really sweaty in the night.

Do I just treat this as I would if I hadn't got cancer (just have paracetamol lemsips and put up with it) or do we still have to take the cancer in to consideration and report it to anyone?

Is the advice to report only really appropriate whilst having the actual treatment?

  • Hi Penrod, I’m sorry to read that you are feeling unwell at the moment. 

    I don’t know an exact answer to your question however, if I were you I’d call the oncology nurse team where you had chemotherapy and ask for their opinion to be on the safe side. I have a hunch that they’ll say it’s nothing to do with your treatment at this stage, 6 months post. 

    I hope you make a good recovery from this blip and it doesn’t last

    best wishes 



  • The "report immediately to hospital" advice is because of the risk of neutropenia, caused by an abnormally low number of neutrophils (a type of white blood cell) in the blood during part of the chemo cycle so sounds like just an ordinary bug to me. But if you're concerned then talk to someone, be it hospital, GP or the Macmillan helpline, sure you'll be OK though.

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  • Thanks both,

    Already feeling a lot better since having a paracetamol and a fortisip.

    Was never overly concerned just wasn't sure whether had to mention it to anyone.

    Mikes comment about the neutropenia puts my mind at rest that it's more important to report whilst actually having the chemo.

    Nice excuse to have an afternoon in bed reading a good book Slight smile

    Made it to Christmas, made it to my birthday, had a nice summer, made it to my 2nd Christmas now writing a blog about my treatment -