after being in remission for two years my husband is now being fast tracked for a scan as he has a lump theyre not happy about. so much else going on in our life at the moment and then this , how am i meant to deal with it???? i have no clue xxx hugs to everyone xxx

  • Hello Briron.   I am sorry that this lump is causing concern, especially after your husband has been in remission for two years ...... it's a worry that we all live with post-treatment. But being fast tracked for a scan isn't a bad thing as the sooner it's done the better because if anything further needs to be done then thay can be on it straight away ...... or it will bring peace of mind if not.

    All I can advise is don't go into panic mode until the scan is done and the results are known, I wish you both all the best and hope all goes well.

    Joycee xxx

  • Hi Sharon Sorry to hear about hubby and I can sympathise with your plight as going through same here too as you are. I am sure you will be strong and cope with all I know I am on the other side as a patient but just take each step at a time you know we are here to help of we can. Please take care and always here to talk if it helps.


  • thankyou joycee xxx hugs to you  sharon xxx


  • thanks dave xx hope your life sorts itself out and that you stay well xx