pains in head ,neck , ear

Hi All just wanted to know if anyone else has experience similar as 12 weeks out of treatment. I spoke to nurse and she was saying this can happen and not to worry. Easy for her to say lol . Well on an up note  main pains have gone  Thanks Regards Min 

  • Hi Hazel That is good to know obviously there is a chance that we are going to get side effects and keeping them to a minimum has to be the best thing. I had the  local hospital on this morning asking about my heart and was I getting pains etc etc, reason being my cancer hospital stopped my medication and I missed my first years appointment with my cardiologist as stuck in other hospital lol , But getting that sorted now so all good Thanks for your kind words All the Best Regards Min   

  • Hi min onwards snd upwards I can honestly say cancers a blip in my life. I am living life ti the max but will always keep on this forum while ever there’s  a need. Our cancer is so variable as we  all know we are all different while still the same. Not all of us get the same side effects. My mouth is very very close to being as it was prior to treatment! Which I never thought I would be able to say. 
    Take care 

    Hazel x

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    T2N2NM equals tumour size 2-4 cm several affected lymph nodes 35 radiotherapy 2 chemotherapy sessions.

  • Hi Hazel That is really good new on you mouth being nearly back to normal . I thought having a few mild  heart attacks and getting a stent fitted last January was a wake up call and took it in my stride  living healthy and all . A year later I am getting RT and chemo. You couldn't make it up lol . I have been blessed so far and hope it keeps going that way. Whatevers thrown up has to be dealt with is the way forward. Many Thanks Regards Min