?? reoccurrence - cheek a little puffy

Sort of semi worried about an area on my husbands cheek horizontally across in line with his nose, over the cheek bone. Noticed it yesterday when I was sat opposite him, it also looked redder than the other side.

Its feels like its has more resistance and slightly firmer than the other side & puffier but is not a hard round lump, if that makes sense.

He has no pain anywhere in mouth or with teeth or when its touched, no lumps felt under cheek in the mouth. No problems with breathing, no runny nose etc. 

Next appt is 13th march at maxillo so was planning to just observe unless dramatically changes until the appt.

He also has a routine 'well mans' nurse appt in 2 weeks which involves full blood test, think this is just because he hit 60 in December.

Does this sound the right action or should we jump on it quicker or anyone else had similar thing?

History is 2015 treated with radiotherapy and chemo for unknown primary but for SCC in lymph node. Tonsil removed before treatment as these were thought to be the primary but on biopsy showed nothing.

All clear in march 2016

Reoccurrence in lymph nodes on same side in November 2016, had neck dissection in December 2016, told there was extracapsular spread and in Dr Gloom and dooms words he was told get his life in order!!. thankfully we did a second opinion up at the Marsden who gave 50% chance of recurring, which sounded way better. He has been fit and well and still is now, no problems with eating and even has some saliva. neck healed well and swelling from the surgery went down after a few months. 

2017 has been clear so that's just over a year now.

Thanks all x

  • My treatment was around the floor of my mouth so a different location. But I have had some infections in that area which often cause the side of my cheek to be hot and slightly swollen, sometimes warm to the touch. I usually end up with anti biotics and it has cleared up. 

    Think it was decided that the infection was in my jaw bone. 

    June 14 surgery for Carcinoma in sublingual salivary gland. Partial glossectomy, left neck dissection, reconstruction with left radial forearm free. flap. Postoperative radiotherapy 6 weeks.

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  • Hi, thank you.

    I will check to see if it feels any warmer when he gets home.

    I guess this could be result of the radiotherapy causing your infection of the jaw bone?

  • Hello Camoelot, I know how you feel as my cancer returned twice after my first operation so every change , lump or ache I had rang alarm bells to begin with . I always phone the head nurse for advice and if I did not have an appointment due she would fit me in the next available clinic ( within a week ) but as he has a check up on the 13th they might not change it but its worth letting them know so they can decide . Thankfully for me all my other lumps and bumps have been nothing and I have been cancer free since 2010 . Wishing you and your husband all the best ,take care . 

                                                                              Chris . x

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  • Hi Camelot ,  I’ve had a different H&N cancer to your husband but like Chris have had lots of lumps and bumps and puffiness over the years. I always get them checked out by the hospital usually by phoning and asking their advice . They nearly always gave me an appointment to come  in to the next available clinic . It was usually just an infection treatable with anti biotics but they would much rather that than something more serious. I would monitor it , take paracetamol and give them a call .

    kind regards



  • Thank you

    It doesn't feel hot and there is no pain at all, in fact when I looked and felt it this morning it seems that whole side of his face is a bit more fuller and it may just be from the treatment he's had in the past. I've just not noticed it like I did the other night.

    He isn't worried enough to get it seen urgently and I'm kind of in agreement with him now. I probably just panicked a bit. If he gets pain or it gets worse then I will contact the H&N nurses.

    He did have the flu jab a couple of days ago but can't see that being anything to do with it.

  • Just a thought it might be a bit of lymphodema that he has got.  I get puffiness often in my face.  Always best to get it checked out.