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herbs and supplements

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I hope no-one minds for me posting this. These herbs and supplements are suppose to help boost your overal wellbeing......my dad has started taking these only about 2/3 weeks ago so its early days to say if they help him

do these 2 things even if you do nothing else

Green smoothie - the ultimate health food drink. all ingredients must be raw, as fresh as possible and the green vegs should be organic if poss....

into an ordinary blender put about 300ml of water and about 80g of cucumber. Blend this then add in the other ingredients one at a time, blending until smooth.

everything is optional - make it with what you can find and what you like. use the list as a guide

spinach 80g

rocket 40g

any other green leafy veg 40-80g

any sprouted seeds 20-40g

pea shoots 10-20g

celery 40g

fennel bulb 40g

avocado 20-40g

chlorella 1-5g- start low and build up

pinch of salt

lemon juice to tate

garlic to taste

if you are taking powdered herbs or supplements add this in too

a little olive oil and/or fish oil/hemp seed oil/evening primrose oil

Divide the smoothie into 2 servings - drink 1 half straight away, and have the other half by lunch time. The 2nd portion should be kept cool.

Turmeric powder - for optimal absorption take it with fat, black pepper and bromelain between meals. 1 teaspoon turmeric and a little honey and black pepper and ghee or coconut butter plus a bromelain capsule 3 times a day. dont chew it

I will never give up on you Dad

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My dad has a bag of mixed herbs to make a drink with - like a tea. if you want more info how he makes it i can ask him. it contains reishi mushroom, echinacea angustifolia and withania - to strengthen your immune system. Trifolium and echinacea - cleansers of blood and lymph. Milk thistle - liver and kidney support.

Supplements - Turmeric - many anti cancer properties, anti inflammatory, liver support
R+Alpha lipoic acid - inhibits growth factor, increases cancer cell death - you will find this with curcumin in Geronovas formula available from www.yourhealthbasket.co.uk - this would replace the turmeric. expensive but apparently good. 1 capsul 30-60min before food 3 times a day.

Grapeseed (not grapefruit seed) extract 200-500mg 2-3 times a day - inbibits growth factors and new blood supply to tumours

Green tea 700mg 3 times a day as a capsule. You cant really drink enough - inhibits growth factors and new blood supply to tumours

vit D 10,000 iu daily

Vit C 1-4g to bowel tolerance

bromelain - to support turmeric function, help with digestion so you get best nutrition from food. Take it with the turmeric for improved absorption. Aim at 3000GDU daily

fish oils - either as a supplement or eaten daily. aim at 3-4g daily.

This is the list and explainations that my dad was given. These explainations are not conclusive otherwise the nhs would be handing it out like sweets but they might help.

I will never give up on you Dad

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Castor oil packs

these are to detoxify the liver and also to help with any pain if and when it comes. useful to do even if you have no pain, over any area you know to have cancer. do itonce or twice a week if no pain, more if you have pain

soak a flannel or similar sized piece of cloth in cold pressed castor oil and place over the area you want to treat. over this put a piece of plastic/clingfilm to protect and then a towel and a hot water bottle or hot bag. sit or lie comfortably for 30 mins with this on before removing. it is helpful if sleep is a problem to do this in the evening before bed.

Dad has not done this yet as he is in no pain.

I will never give up on you Dad

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Morning skyeceilo, Informing others of the benefits of some supplements is ok but everyones chemo and cancer drug regimes are different and some supplements can contradict conventional anti cancer drugs.

So for anyone wanting to try supplements to ease side effects or for their own wellbeing do please check thoroughly that what you wish to try isn't going to affect the way your conventional medicines are working as some can vastly reduce their effectiveness and in some cases the opposite leading to symptoms of overdosing.

Trying so hard to not be 'PC' here but something as innocent as grapefruit or it's juice during chemo can be very risky.  So do be careful with what you wish to try :-)

George & Jackie

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I will never give up on you Dad