First bout of chemo today

My dad is having his first bout of chemo today. What will happen and how will it affect him.

Sorry but this is all new and i'm so worried for him :(

Best wishes and thank you to everyone  for your kind support

Susie xx

  • Susie - it really is different for everyone so there is no straight answer to this. In my partners case he is in for a day every three weeks for his infusions and then goes home take tablets every day and goes back for another session three weeks later - three sessions pre-op and three post op. We did the second of the post op sessions yesterday.

    The general rule for him has been that he will feel pretty bloody awful for the first week with nausea,tingling and pain in hands and feet, constipation or diarrahoea or both, lack of appetite and extreme fatigue. The chemo dose has been reduced this time round and it has made a difference in that although he does still feel pretty rubbish he seems to get over it quicker this time and has two really pretty good weeks following the first one. We have learnt as we have gone along, we know there will be a problem with his bowels so from the day he has chemo we will up his Metoclopramide which helps with the sickness but also gets things moving, we also mentioned to the oncologist how nauseous he had been and she increased his anti-emetic which helped a lot. They will need to do blood tests on Dad to keep an eye on his counts - white cells can drop dramatically and cause chemo to be delayed or cancelled - this happened with us and we now give injections for five days to stimulate cell growth and this time his counts have been fine.

    As I say this is only our experience of chemo and we are all individuals but if you have any specific questions do ask - there is a wealth of information on this site and I am sure someone will be able to help you.

    Take care,

    Lyn xxx