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Gullet (oesophagus) cancer

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mums op

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HI all

Yesterday was a very long day with mum going down at 10.30 and not coming back from surgery til 21.00.  When we first went into ICU she was still ventilated which I found very upsetting but ater a while they asked us to leave and they took it out.

When we went back in she looked more like my mum.  She has lots of tubes and wires and machines around her and couldnt speak or swallow and she kept making these funny noises when she tried to swallow but the nurses say thats normal and ok.

I have been told she had a good night and all being well she will be moved today from ICU to an Upper GI ward.  I should be going back in to see her in the next couple of day as I live 80 miles away from where she is but all that said I think it went ok. 


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Hi Lisa

I’m so glad to hear that your mum is in recovery and doing well.  I should have warned you that the surgery takes around 8 hours and that your mum would be on ventilation and covered in tubes when she came round.  I assumed the doctors would have discussed all this with you.  However, the main thing is that she got through the surgery without any complications and now seems to be doing well.  The Upper GI ward means the upper gastro-intestinal ward where patients go after leaving intensive care.  She is being moved onto the regular ward very quickly in my opinion as normally it’s usual to remain in the ICU for around 4 days, or at least until a swallow test has been done, although this sometimes depends upon the type of procedure carried out.  Do you know what type of surgical procedure she had?  Anyway, it’s a huge relief to your family I’m sure, and although recovery does take many months, usually 6 months up to 18 months, I hope your mum finds that her recovery goes very well and as smoothly as possible.  Let us know how she continues to do and we’re all here to offer advice and support whenever you need it.

Love Crystal xx

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Hi babydaisy:  My husband finished his ECX a couple weeks ago and is having his CT scan Nov 16 - hopefully to show hasn't spread and that surgery is next(sounds exactly as your mum has had).   Please know we are sharing your thoughts and prayers.  Be strong - as I know I have to be.                                      xxx Carol (mummycarol) 

 PS if you're up to it would REALLY appreciate you keeping me up to date, both good and not so good.....

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the doctors discussed all about the after care with my dad, but under the strain of everything he forgot to tell me never mind!!!!

Went back to see her last night and she was on another type of oxygen thing to help with her lungs from where they were deflated.  The reason it look longer than we thought was because they found another growth on her liver which they had to remove whilst she was on the table they wanted it tested.  Thank goodness it was not cancerous, but it has gone now anyway.

I dont know the name of the type of surgery she had as neither her nor my dad think that it was important to know that they just wanted to know what it involved. Hoping to go back tomorrow and sunday.