Hi all

I havent been on for a while as my mum stopped her chemo about  6 weeks ago in preperation for her surgery which is now next tuesday.

She has been well over the last few weeks although in the last couple of weeks she has started to be sick again her consultant says this is because she has a stricture.  Hopefully that part may well be removed next week.

She is looking forward to the surgery but is very worried about all the tubes as stuff afterwards and she is worried about going into intensive care.

Im sure though she will be fine.

  • Hi Babydasiy

    The aftermath of this operation is no walk in the park; the op was the easy part for me because I was asleep thank goodness! I am sure everything will be ok as mums team will be monitoring her progress closely, mums work will begin from the time she wakes up and through the long recovery process. I would tell you not to worry but I know you will anyhow but I am sure she will do well with you and the rest of the family to spur her on, just make sure mum does not come into contact with any colds of flu before the op.

    Be sure to wish you mum all the best from me for next Tuesday, I and others will look forward to a progress report when you are up to it.


  • Hi Lisa

    Just to let you know that you and your mum will be in my thoughts tomorrow and I wish your mum good luck and a swift and fine recovery.  Come back to the group when you are ready and let us know how your mum’s getting along.

    Love Crystal xx