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A support group for anyone affected by gullet cancer (also known as oesophageal cancer) to come together, share experiences and ask questions.

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Very sorry to learn that Snowdog has passed away, it is strange I was only thinking of him a couple of days ago. I know you thought a lot of him and you will miss him, it is a sad reality of this illness that we may lose the ones we have befriended, but our lives may become richer for knowing them,

Take care,



Maria T
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I have almost lost count now at how many people I have 'met' through this site and other ways who have been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. Im still bewildered that I knew of no one little over a year ago with this diagnosis then suddenly it has just multiplied at such a scary rate. The one thing in common with everyone is the huge support everyone gives each other....that I'm very thankful for. Hello to all of you people, hope everyone is well today and  even better tomorrow

Take Care all of you



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I am devasted to hear of Snowdog's passing.

He was such a calm accepting lovely man who found warmth and beauty in everything. If you are in  touch with his family please pass on my sincere heartfelt condolences.

Many thanks

Paula xxx

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Hi Steve and Paula, I’ve passed on your comments and condolences to Snowdog’s family, who send their thanks for thinking of them at this sad time.  Maria, you are so right in that we all get huge support from the lovely people here.  Hoping you all have a good and happy day.  Crystal xx

Dena Nunes
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Hi Crystal,

Have only just managed to get into this site & am trying to figure my way around it. Am so sorry to hear the sad news regarding your mum.  Nothing I can say makes the pain go away but I know from my own experience with dad how strong you are & how you always look at things from the most wonderful viewpoint and I hope this gets you through the next period of time. I hope you are well & would love to hear from you. I am plodding along, missing my darling dad terribly & dreading Christmas etc. My mum has just gone to Florida for 2 weeks. (not far from Miami - Boca & Coral Springs, then she goes onto South Carolina). She found it very hard travelling on her own & was very down when I spoke to her yesterday. She is staying with 3 different sets of friends but it is strange for her as they used to have a holiday home there so everywhere is full of memories of my dad.

Please take care


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Hi Dena,

For some reason I’ve only just found your message here, so I’ve missed it somehow.  Its great to hear from you, and I hope that all is well with you.  I expect your mum has now returned from her holiday, but I’m sorry to hear that the trip was upsetting for her.  Sometimes it’s important to go down memory lane and relive those happy times, but sometimes whilst doing so, it can be an upsetting experience, especially when everything is still raw and fairly recent.  Hopefully though, it will have had the benefit of helping your mum to put it behind her and enable her to face the future a little bit more.  Christmas is always a difficult time when we’ve lost loved ones, especially the first Christmas without them.  We too are at a loss as to what to do this year because mum, and her husband, my stepdad, until he died two years ago, always spent the holiday together.  I think I’ll fill our digital photo frame with their pictures from all the happy times we spent together.  Also, I shall find a lovely Christmas card and write a special message in it for my mum and place it amongst the others that we receive.  It’s her birthday as well on the 29th so we’ll go out to lunch on that day as we always did.  It’s important also to surround yourself with other family and friends who can help you feel good, and whilst I have no other family, except in Florida, we do have some fun friends, so there will be plenty of laughter as well.  I’m ok in myself thanks, just prone to extreme fatigue lately, with the odd good day thrown in where I can catch up on stuff I can’t do on tired days.  Otherwise, all is good.  I hope you keep in touch from time to time, and pop into the Group here whenever you can, as I’m sure your experience will help others.

Take good care Dena.

Love Crystal xx