Gullet (oesophagus) cancer

A support group for anyone affected by gullet cancer (also known as oesophageal cancer) to come together, share experiences and ask questions.

Diagnosed oesophical cancer last week

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Thankyou I am struggling I feel so sick all of the time feel like I can’t breathe and feel hopeless!! It’s more the fact that they have said it’s uncurable that I can’t get my head round he’s only 51 goes the gym very fit it’s just all so scary we have an appointment next Monday with oncologist xxx

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I’m so sorry. The news is a bolt from nowhere isn’t it. 
Hopefully when you meet the oncologist he/she will give you a better idea of the plan they have for him. 
the waiting is absolutely agonising, the anxiety in the pit of your stomach. My partner is also young at 45. 
I’ll be thinking of you on Monday. 
R xx