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Feeling of lump in throat that comes and goes

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My husband has this feeling of a lump in this throat. As though something is stuck. He can eat and drink anything so at the time if eating nothing is getting stuck. Has anyone else had this feeling? I rang the nurse but she wasn’t very helpful. He is in his first week of chemotherapy and so far so good. But this throat thing really does make us anxious. The feeling is in or around his Adam’s apple. There was nothing showing that high on his endoscopy on 25th November 2019. The T2N0M0 was diagnosed from that date and it showed it lower down in the junction. 
Id really appreciate it if anyone can offer any advice about this. We are trying to be positive but this one thing really does get us down. So any advice would be helpful. Thank you 


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Hi Judy, it might be that your husband has become more aware of this sensation. It's natural to worry about anything that is noticed that feels different. I know it can be hard to be positive all the time, and that's ok too. Just try picturing a day in the future where you and your husband are having a day out enjoying yourselves again,and this is all behind you. Kind regards Frank.

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Hi Judy,

That was actually the thing/ symptom that led me to get checked out in the first place.

Even though it took the 4th specialist to find and diagnose my tumour. Looking back it is a very clear symptom of this condition and should have been connected, particularly by a ENT specialist .

The good thing is your hubby has already started his course of treatment , though I'd mention it the Doc's / Surgeon & Oncologist.

Best Wishes


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Thank you Frank. He is on chemo now so hopefully it may subside after a while. Thank you for your reply xx