Husband feels tight in throat can anyone help?

My husband has oesphagus cancer and is due to start chemotherapy this Thursday. He’s never had any symptoms but just recently he has complained of a tight throat. It only happens at night which is odd. He said it feels like a lump in his throat. I have read this is a symptom. He can eat everything and anything and has put on 9lb over Christmas! So eating isn’t a problem. Has anyone else had this problem? He is getting paranoid now and is thinking the worst. He was T2N0M0 in November but we are now in January and time is getting on and only starting treatment on Thursday so we are worried that it’s spreading because he now gets this. He said it feels worse when he lays down in bed as well but he is fine when he sits up. 
Does this sound familiar to anyone please? 


  • Hi Judy, it may just be the extra few pounds he has gained is pressing against oesophagus or somewhere else when he is lying down. It's unlikely that anything drastic has happened in the last few weeks. If he is eating well tell him to be grateful, I couldn't even swallow the ensure milkshakes before the surgery. We do tend to notice things and think the worst, that's why I found it better to laugh about it and remain positive. It really does help, good luck with the chemotherapy and kind regards Frank.