Gullet (oesophagus) cancer

A support group for anyone affected by gullet cancer (also known as oesophageal cancer) to come together, share experiences and ask questions.

My Experience

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I developed swallowing problems and regurgitation--  minor at first, but finally very severe after four months approximately.  When endoscopy was done,  the oriface at bottom of esopgagas to the stomach was virtually closed.  I neglected symptoms too long...because of other unrelated health issues.

I was treated  for the esophogael  cancer--  eight sessions of chemo (once a week for eight weeks) of Taxol and Carboplatin.   Also, 28 radiation treatments from Varian Linear Accelerator simultaneous with the chemo  (seven weeks, 4 or 5 days each week of radiation).  I think I received 50 Gray units of radiation.

I declined the surgery--  possible morbidity of surgery complication for age 84.

I was able to swallow normally after about the tenth radiation.  Upon completing treatments, I continued to swallow normally--  still today.

My primary care physician when cancer was first diagnosed said, " may have about 6 months, so...get your affair in order....).

I am beginning my 20th month after first diagnosis.  Every day is a GOOD DAY!

Side effects--  radiation did result in both lobes of the lungs being scarred--   shortness of breath...getting better...doing OK.  My hemoglobin and red lood cells are still low, but improving.  Fatigue  is stll wth me--  so I take a short nap....

I think I've done well...I wish all to do as well as I did...or better.

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A great post. It makes good reading. It’s your positivity that keeps you going. Instead of moaning about  the side effects of treatment you are celebrating! Well done, keep going and post again.

Counting the days, making every day count.