Post Op Clinic review.

Morning all,

On monday evening i attended my post op clinic review, apprehensive ofcourse. The news was the best possible surgical outcome, the tumour mass removed had good clean margins and the 36 lymph nodes were all clear. 

For those of you beginning the journey, its not easy, there are rocks along the way..some of mine are listed below....look beyond them and be positive 6-8 weeks i will have a discussion with the oncologist to see if i need the post op chemo.

endoscopy 18/5/2019.......biopsies takes from oesophagus....told 99.9% certain cancer .....await next communication and steps. 
CT Scan     23/5/2019.......
follow up     29/5/2019 ......Confirmed CO T3,N1, M0  
MDT meeting  3/6/2019.....positive feedback from MDT...pathway considered "curative"
Pet Scan 12/6/2019........... positive result from PET, Cancer has not spread anywhere else for now..
pre op Laparoscopy 14/6/19 - all good 
Laparoscopy  25/6/2019.... 
pre op physiotherapy review  8/7/2019.
Myocardial Perfusion Test 11/7/2019..... All Good
oncology meeting 19/7/2019. - will start 3 cycles (21 day per cycle) of ECX.
bloods and urine tests 23/7/2019.
pre chemo meeting 2/8/2019
ECX chemo cycle starts 5/8/2019
ECX chemo ended 4/10/2019
pre op assesment  10/10/2019
CPET 10/10/2019
Pre op Physio review. 15/10/2019.
Post chemo Pet Scan 17/10/2019 - tumor shrinkage SUV 9 < 4  and no spread.
Pre  Op physio sessions starting 18/10/19 weekly until surgery..
surgery planned for 13th Nov - cancelled.
Surgery Now 20th Nov.
post op discharge 2/12/2019.
clinic review 09/12/2019 Best Possible surgical outcome- all margins clear and 36 lymph nodes clear also.
  • Excellent!

    How are you celebrating?

  • That’s fantastic news!  
    My husband starts his chemo on 9th jan 2020. He was told he was T2N0M0 on 25th November. We are worried that time is getting on now. Can I just ask you when you where told it had shrunk did they  stage it again and tell you what TNM you were? 

  • Hi Judy,

    Good luck to your husband with his chemo and be positive regardless of any side affects, we are all diff as we go through it... but being supportive and positive will carry you both through for sure. Dont worry about the time just focus on whats ahead, there is alot to get through and any concerns do not hesitate to reach out to your specialist nurses. My Chemo was ECX and it was after the pet scan following that they confirmed my tumour had shrunk, i didnt ask to what stage,  but i knew the chemo was working before they told me as it wasnt long into the cycles that i started to eat and drink issues at all with now four weeks post surgery and all is going well........enjoy xmas , be positive and good luck with the chemo in the new year...


  • Thank you for replying to me Ricky. This really is a rollercoaster ride isn’t it? It’s good to hear your story so thank you for sharing it with me. Fingers crossed for good biopsy results tomorrow and then getting on with chemotherapy 

    Judy xx