Laparoscopic staging worry

Good morning everyone 

My husband has got his laparoscopic staging on Friday. To be honest I wasn’t worried about it too much but since seeing the oncologist today they’ve basically said if they find anything then he won’t have the surgery and will only get palliative chemo. I had no idea how important this operation was. We are so worried now. My husband was T2N0M0.  Can anyone please give me some advice on this please? He will be having 9 weeks of EOX but they’ve said he has to have a heart ultrasound now. Can anyone please help ? 
Thank you 


  • Hi Deb

    just wanted to update you. Rob has his staging surgery today and they couldn’t find anything! We are so pleased. We’ve still got to wait for the biopsies but for now we are relieved. He also has his heart ultrasound in the morning so hopefully now things can move on a bit. 
    Judy xx

  • Hi Judy 

    That's brilliant news, so pleased for you both! Fingers crossed the rest will be clear too but it's a fantastic start.

    Things are moving forward, you'll get there. It's tough but hang in there!

    Keep us posted.

    Take care 

    Deb x