Oesophagus cancer

Everything has happened so quick it’s took our breath away , my husband was having trouble eating bread etc was chocking so was sick for around three weeks. Seen a GP 23 October, who basically told us there and then he thought it was the devil . Since then had endoscopy with biopsy’s told us they found something at bottom of oesophagus, had ct scan , spoken to consultant and specialist nurse who told us he has a 3cm irregularly growth attached to adjacent vessels, lymph nodes in neck on left side enlarge as well as adrenal gland . Referred  him for pet and endoscopy ultrasound on 14 day referral. Just had endoscopy ultrasound yesterday he wasn’t very good afterwards throwing up blood it did stop thank god and was allowed but couldn’t keep anything down a little better today . having pet scan Monday hopefully if not cancelled again . He on a liquid diet as everything gets stuck but it’s as if stomach can’t take much more than 200mls of liquid at a time any more than that it’s come back up. He always puts a brave face on and wants to keep living which is good but you can see how tired he is . Really hope things keep moving quick seeing how much he has changed in a short amount of time is heart rendering. Never thought we would have to go through this again after my dad . If any one knows how long it takes to get pet scan results I would be great full . God bless you all  keep safe and strong . 

  • Hi,

    I'm so sorry to hear about you're husband. My mum was diagnosed last month. Here in Liverpool it takes 48 hours for the PET scan results to be sent to the consultant. My mum had her scan on a Thursday and saw the consultant the following Tuesday. The wait is torture, I just hope you don't have to wait too long. Take care.


  • Hi Tricia,    Thank you for your reply . I am sorry to hear about you’re mum , I would imagine it will be the same here in Manchester when it’s fast tracked . I hope you’re mum is doing well, I pray everything go’s well for her . Take care                                                                                            Christine