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T2nomo oesophageal cancer

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Hi Judy,

Don't worry about the questions - ask away!! That's what this forum is all about.

Yes my pre-op chemo was very effective in reducing the size of the tumour (I'm not sure of the exact post-chemo staging but was told at the time that my tumour was "particularly sensitive" to the chemo).

I had a scan between ending the pre-op chemo and two weeks before the op itself - in my case they found something new in my bowel area which was a massive worry for me at the time but it turned out to be  a harmless polyp (which they told me it would 99.9% be)...I'll never forget the day I had that particular procedure (called a flexible stigmoidoscopy, not pleasant at all) it was on the 23rd June 2016, which was my wife's birthday and also the day of the Brexit vote!! The things that stick in your mind eh....

If your husband has been offered surgery after the chemo then that in itself is positive, it sounds like the treatment path is a curative one and they know what they are doing so I would not worry unduly about the gap between chemo and the op ...

Best wishes


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Hi Judy,

It was 4 x 2 week cycles of FLOT, a CT scan, then the operation and then another 2 x 2 week cycles of FLOT afterwards. I not 100% sure but I think this is the current standard treatment.

Kind regards,

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Sounds about right. I think my last chemo is 4x2 FLOT though. Operation is on 30/12

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cumbrialad is absolutely right, that's a mistake in my message. I had 4 x 2 week cycles of FLOT after my operation

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Thank you so much for replying to me. My husband just has a small op next Friday. I think they called it laparoscopic staging. He has his first appointment with the oncologist the following Wednesday to discuss chemo. So fingers crossed the laparoscopic staging is ok then he can have chemo then the operation. He is staged at T2 so hopefully this operation doesn’t find anything else. They have discussed the op with us and said he can either go straight for it or have chemotherapy first. I think we have decided to go for the chemo then the op to get the best out of this. I just want things to move forward now as every day just drags and it’s crippling our mental health which I expect every one of you can understand.  Thank you so much everyone. You feel so alone but hearing from you all is helping xx

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Hi Judy, my husband was diagnosed with terminal OC in July 2008 and only offered palliative chemo (ECX), he started treatment in August and by January everything changed. The chemo was so effective he was able to have surgery - that eventually happened in June 2009, 11 months after diagnosis.  I know this is quite rare but results vary so dramatically and the pre op treatment could make things much easier post surgery.  Scans should happen fairly regularly throughout treatment so you will hopefully know what’s happening. Don’t worry about asking questions, it’s a frightening time for you and there are lots of good people here who will try to help you through it.

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I should have added that he is now 10 years post op and living a normal life, keep positive!

Best wishes to you both from another Judy

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Oh wow. That news must have been shattering to receive but to then get amazing news that the chemo worked is amazing. 

Robert is T2N0M0 at the moment and we just want the chemo to start but they think it won’t be until after Christmas now. But can I just say receiving these messages from you all is definitely liking our spirits. Our life has been crushed with this news but these positive messages are helping us so much. I pray we can get this cancer out of my husbands body   I live and breathe my husband and thinking I could end up without him is just unbearable. 

Thank you so much for telling me about your husbands journey xxxxx

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It is a long and thorough Journey, everyone is diff...just be positive, keep asking questions and good luck...

here is my pathway to date. :-)

endoscopy 18/5/2019.......biopsies takes from oesophagus....told 99.9% certain cancer .....await next communication and steps. 
CT Scan     23/5/2019.......
follow up     29/5/2019 ......Confirmed CO T3,N1, M0  case transferred to Oxford.
MDT meeting  3/6/2019.....positive feedback from MDT...pathway considered "curative"
Pet Scan 12/6/2019........... positive result from PET, Cancer has not spread anywhere else for now..
pre op Laparoscopy 14/6/19 - all good 
Laparoscopy  25/6/2019.... 
pre op physiotherapy review  8/7/2019.
Myocardial Perfusion Test 11/7/2019..... All Good
oncology meeting 19/7/2019. - will start 3 cycles (21 day per cycle) of ECX.
bloods and urine tests 23/7/2019.
pre chemo meeting 2/8/2019
ECX chemo cycle starts 5/8/2019
ECX chemo ended 4/10/2019
pre op assesment  10/10/2019
CPET 10/10/2019
Pre op Physio review. 15/10/2019.
Post chemo Pet Scan 17/10/2019 - tumor shrinkage SUV 9 < 4  and no spread.
Pre  Op physio sessions starting 18/10/19 weekly until surgery..
surgery planned for 13th Nov - cancelled.
MIO Surgery Now 20th Nov.
post op discharge 2/12/2019.
post op clinic review 09/12/2019