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T2nomo oesophageal cancer

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Hi Judy,

Don't worry about the questions - ask away!! That's what this forum is all about.

Yes my pre-op chemo was very effective in reducing the size of the tumour (I'm not sure of the exact post-chemo staging but was told at the time that my tumour was "particularly sensitive" to the chemo).

I had a scan between ending the pre-op chemo and two weeks before the op itself - in my case they found something new in my bowel area which was a massive worry for me at the time but it turned out to be  a harmless polyp (which they told me it would 99.9% be)...I'll never forget the day I had that particular procedure (called a flexible stigmoidoscopy, not pleasant at all) it was on the 23rd June 2016, which was my wife's birthday and also the day of the Brexit vote!! The things that stick in your mind eh....

If your husband has been offered surgery after the chemo then that in itself is positive, it sounds like the treatment path is a curative one and they know what they are doing so I would not worry unduly about the gap between chemo and the op ...

Best wishes