Oesophogeal Cancer

Hi. I have been diagnosed with advanced oesophogeal cancer and am told it is terminal. Am waiting to see if the oncologist can offer anything this week. Do I just accept my fate or could there be hope



  • Dear Dave,

    I have just read your post, and I am really sorry about your diagnosis. Your head must be spinning with this news.

    There are lots of people on this from who have fought with this monster with victorious results. Reading others stories and support of the veterans here helped me immensely to understand my husbands case. 

    I am sure there are some options out there for you. Please don't give up, and do a second or even a third opinion. 

    Also, do share the details of your case, as there may be someone out there with similar case and can help you.


  • Hi

    Adenocarcinoma, T4, N4, M1.  Metastasis to lymph nodes

    Originally they had suggested surgery but retracted this with the metastasis found in the PET scan

    Seeing oncologist tomorrow and would hugely appreciate any information from those with similar diagnoses ahead of that

    Thank you so much


  • Dear ,

    I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. 

    I did some research last year when I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma T4aN2M0, but after exploritory surgery they found that my cancer had not spread to my diaphragm and my tumour was resting on my diaphragm, I was re classfied as T3N2M0. There are some clinical trials that your oncologist or Cancer Research may be able to advise you of. But note these may not cure you. I also researched treatment abroad. This was expensive (in the order of £500,000.00) and not great results for esophageal cancer. I was looking at CAR-T cell therapy.

    Wishing you all the best

  • Thank you.  Rather disinclined to eat into family estate on basis of poor outcome measurement!

    I have been put on a palliative chemotherapy pathway on a systemic basis with the hope they can slow the metastasis.

    I guess we will have to wait and see.  Like my oncologist and she seems to have a handle on a lot of the current immunotherapy trials which is good

    Miracles do happen.  As I sit alongside my 2 day old daughter it pays to believe that

  • Hi Dave,

    Really sorry to hear about your diagnosis, I know it must be a huge blow for you and your family.  Do keep that faith and keep fighting, you're right that miracles do happen so don't give up.  

    My husband was diagnosed early Sept and we have recently finished our 2nd cycle of chemo, in such a short time our world has been turned upside down so I know what you're going through.  There's a very supportive community on here if you have questions or want to talk. 

    I wish you lots of luck with the chemo - what kind are you having and when does it start?  

    All the best