My mum has just been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer

My mum is 65. She has been diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus. We got the news last Tuesday. We have had to wait for the stage of it and we do this Wednesday for that and to see what options are available. We are still in shock and scared. My mum is my best friend. 

  • Hi Daisymay

    i was 62 when I was diagnosed. Just retired and full of beans! I saw how hard it was on my family. And the the tests, the waiting, the chemo, the surgery and the slow recovery. But now we are just a family again, doing normal stuff again! 
    Patient positivity really does help and makes a good outcome more probable. If you can help your mum be positive you will be good medicine. If however she sees you grieving then she will find it more difficult to be positive herself. Support is what she needs. Sometimes this will be practical support like lifts to the hospital or taking the dog for a walk. Other times it will just being there, either in person or on the end of the phone. As her best friend you will know what she needs. Indulge her, be there for her, but be strong for her.