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Chemotherapy dose for advanced oesophageal cancer

Glasgow Gill
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would anyone be willing to share with me what chemotherapy dose they have been given for advanced oesophageal cancer with metastases 

thank you 

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Hi there,

My husband has advanced OC with metastases, we have been given HCX (he was tested HER2 positive).  The actual dose given I think depends on your bloods and your weight etc.  We have currently just done our 2nd cycle

I don't know what situation you/your loved one is in but feel free to send a direct message to me if it helps. everyone on the forum is really supportive as well

I wish you all the best

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Dear Gill

I have had 3 cycles of chemotherapy for my cancer. Each cycle was for 6 sessions. The first cycle started as ECX but changed after 4th session to EOX because of side effects.  The second and third cycles were EOX with reduced dosage.

Even though surgery was not an option because of metastasis I am still here over 5 years from starting treatment but have elected to have no further treatment although this has been offered.

Best of luck to you.