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Gullet (oesophagus) cancer

A support group for anyone affected by gullet cancer (also known as oesophageal cancer) to come together, share experiences and ask questions.


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Hi...can someone help?..I was at my pancreas consultant  yesterday and he wants an urgent endoscopy...I'm having problems swallowing and have had problems for a few months with a cough that wont shift..constant pain iin my upper upper chest..he says its either a narrowing or a blockage caused by a tumour..I'm petrified. .pls someone tell me how you were diagnosed and what made you go to a dr? 

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Hello Jimsgirl,  My husband initially thought he was having heart problems, he had previously suffered a heart attack and had stents fitted a few years ago, but all the tests showed his heart was fine. This was initially a relief, however he still felt some tightness across his chest and a feeling of bloating, indigestion and a new symptom, he felt sometimes when he ate the food was lodging in his oesophagus, so back to the GP, we were referred to the Gastro Dept and within two days he underwent endoscopy, three days later he was diagnosed with OC. I should add that because my husband made sure that if there were any cancellations and an earlier appointment became available he could attend at very short notice, the constant waiting for appointments causes more stress, obviously the results of these tests can't be brought forward, but sometimes the initial appointment times can.  Hope this helps, my very best wishes to you and stay of Google if you can, the lovely people who use this forum are full of relevant information and are very helpful.  Good luck XXX

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Hi I went to Dr with problems swallowing for three months he gave me pills for three months saying it was acid reflux problem got worse went for camera endoscopy told to wait he would come and c me told me 2cm tumour and is experience was cancer that was feb19 had chemotherapy and radiotherapy six weeks later op told sept 19 100% cancer free still recovering from operation but feel great now hope everything goes well good luck


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