Ivor Lewis yesterday

Hi all,   Hubby underwent surgery yesterday. I have spent day at the bedside (well, chairside, because he is sitting up in chair) and actually it wasn't as scary as I'd been expecting. Yes, he does have monitors, tubes and drains from almost every orifice, but he is in good spirits all things considered. He's exhausted though and unable to sleep more than a few minutes at a time because of the constant checks on all his vital signs, he was having his first food through jejunostomy tube as I left.  Hopefully once his pain relief has been adjusted, it seems there is a fine line and its not quite as effective as it could be yet, then he will be able to sleep easier.  XX

  • That's great news that all went well and I am amazed that he is getting jejunostomy feeding so soon after the surgery. I think I was about 5-6 days, maybe even more before I got that. I do hope that the pain relief is sorted soon, I know I had issues with the line  leaking so I wasn't getting any pain relief until my wife noticed and told a nurse. Then when I got moved from the Hdu to a normal ward they closed the line so they could take their pumps back to the Hdu, the nurse in the new ward hooked up to their pumps but forgot to open the lines back up. Anyway great news and kind regards Frank.

  • So pleased for you that it’s all over and not as bad as you expected. Once the pain relief is sorted and your hubby is more comfortable  hopefully the extra rest will help a lot. I think my husband almost learned to blank out the 15 minute checks after a while, it became so routine, but everyone is different. I hope you are getting some rest too.