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H-pylori infection

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Hi all 

just wondering if anyone had been diagnosed with H- pylori infection previous to being diagnosed with OC ? 

I think my husband has had this for years untreated. Currently he is terminal had 2 different types of chemo but they haven’t worked. So now we are making the most except he has had a new stent put in due to tumour growing over the top of the old stent. So he is able to eat but feels so full, has hiccups, nausea, lethargic, pain in stomach, heart burn, acid reflux and often feels short of breath. Three weeks ago he was eating steak very happily. 

He has been on antibiotics for other ailments and pain in stomach eases, he was being given ranitidine weekly with chemo he was able to eat and had no problem eating but when they stop ranitidine or antibiotics after 2/3 weeks all the same symptoms return. I’ve taken him to A and E on three occasions he has had IV ranitidine and feels 100% better after. 

He has suffered from this for 5 years being diagnosed with a hiatus hernia following a couple of endoscopies and on lorpramasole or omeprasole before the diagnoses of Stage 4 OC. Although having had 3 endoscopies this year not one has mentioned how his hiatus hernia is ?!? 

I am asking DR tomorrow to treat him for this infection before stool sample results come back because I feel the benefits outway the harm 

anyone else had anything similar ?!?