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Gullet (oesophagus) cancer

A support group for anyone affected by gullet cancer (also known as oesophageal cancer) to come together, share experiences and ask questions.

Esophageal cancer

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Hi my Dad was diagnosed 10 weeks ago. He's not started any treatment yet. He has heart failure and a defibrillator fitted but his cardiologist gave the go ahead for surgery. We found out 2 weeks ago that the surgeon and anesthetist have decided that the risk of surgery is too big do his only treatment option is radiotherapy and chemotherapy. He has lost so much weight and is not able to eat any food now. They have fitted a feeding tube but we found out that it wasn't far enough down into his stomach to test his PH levels so it was pushed in further. Later same day it got blocked, he's now in hospital waiting for new tube to be fitted.  He's now been 4 days again with no nutrition. 

His BP is extremely low and he sleeps alot. My concern is that his immune system must be getting really low allowing the cancer to thrive. Plus with his heart problems is he actually gonna be strong enough for the radiotherapy and chemotherapy. 

We have oncology app next week but I feel let down by NHS as I'm sure he should have been seen sooner and things should have been done faster. 

He's not a one for talking about it so we as a family don't know how he feels about it or what he is thinking. 

My mum passed away 9 years ago and the one thing we always said was thay he would never starve as loves his food and now this it seems so cruel.