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Moms diagnosis - beginning our journey

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Good evening all, 

Around 4 weeks ago I suggested my Mom went to the Dr's as she had acid indigestion that wouldn't go.  She went, they sent her for an endoscopy 2 days later as a precaution only to be told it was probably oesophagus cancer. 

CT scan was 5 days later and then the MD meeting 2 weeks after that (17th July).  We were told the staging of T3N1M0 which was a relief as it hadn't spread.  The plan is 2 x cycles of Chemo followed by operation and then more chemo. 

PET scan is tomorrow, fortunately my Mom (and step Dad) is retired I am a teacher so we can all go together.

Oncologist is next Monday, 29th, the fingers crossed we could have a round of chemo in the bag before I return to school!

I am after any advice re chemo, my Mom is a fit 70 year old, she goes to pilates and has the support of a lot of family and friends (as do I).  She has been eating and has managed to add a couple of ounces here and there.

Other than that I guess I am telling a group of people who know what's going on... 

Best wishes on your own journeys x

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As you say, your Mums journey has begun, just like it did for so many on this forum. The diagnosis is nearly always an unexpected shock, to be told straight after the endoscopy!

 It’s good that your mum is fit and otherwise heathy. My advice is to get even fitter! Keep on with the Pilates during chemotherapy they will help suppress some of the side effects and help with fatigue. 

The surgery is major. The toll will be heavy on your step dad, he will probably feel helpless. A good support group is a big asset. Being retired takes all the worry about working through chemo and no worries about needing to return to work after surgery as the recovery is steady but fairly long.

 So I hope that the pet scan goes well and you find the oncology staff as wonderful as mine were, and she has as few side effect as I did.

A positive attitude will be needed and be an enormous help during the coming months.

 Wish her well from all us survivors.

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