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Ct scan

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hi guys 

wrote on Sunday said they had found something took biopsy waiting for results thanks everyone for support got phone from hospital today and want me to go in and have ct scan week Friday was just wondering is this a standard practice 


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Hi Mark,

I don't know if that's standard procedure. I wouldn't read to much into it and just do your best not to worry while you're waiting. 

In my case I know they started some staging tests before they gave me the biopsy results. In my case I had an EUS procedure (endoscopic ultrasound) and then a clinic appointment later that afternoon with the EUS results used to give me preliminary staging. My experience start to end of staging was endoscopy with biopsies, endoscopic ultrasound, ct scan, mri scan, pet-ct scan and then staging laparoscopy.

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Hi Mark, I don't think there is a standard practice, I think it varies from hospital to hospital. I had an endoscopy and biopsies were taken. Within 45 minutes i was told that I had a tumour after that I saw a consultant surgeon had a CT scan and PET scan and saw an oncologist over a period of several weeks. You need to ask questions and have a notebook to take notes as there can be much to take in. Don't have yourself in the grave yet, be positive and have an indestructible sense of humour. Good luck and kind regards Frank.